Advanced avionics and data processing
7th May 2024

Jennifer Alvarez Appointed CTO of EnduroSat US

Jennifer Alvarez has been appointed Chief Technology Officer of EnduroSat US.

Jennifer’s experience spans over 30 years of technical innovation and business leadership in the space industry. She co-founded Aurora Insight Inc. and served as its CTO and later CEO, spearheading the development of advanced methods for measuring the radio frequency spectrum for low-cost nanosatellites.

After her company’s successful acquisition by Maxar Technologies in 2022, Jennifer took on the role of Director of RF Innovation. In this position, she led the development of software-defined, high-sensitivity RF spectrum measurement techniques tailored for gaining new insights into wireless activity.


‘’We’re excited to welcome Jennifer into our team and to keep pushing the development of our software-flexible satellites. At EnduroSat, we firmly believe that universal access to space data can soon become reality. We are committed to support and empower further the missions of all our customers. ’’
Raycho Raychev
Founder and CEO, EnduroSat
‘’I am thrilled to join EnduroSat in their mission to simplify access to space data, which will enable new and unexpected innovations across many industries. EnduroSat's growth in recent years is evidence of the market's appetite for streamlined missions. I look forward to contributing to this growth with more powerful smallsat platforms tailored for our global and US customers.’’
Jennifer Alvarez
CTO, EnduroSat US

EnduroSat has been scaling its presence around the world, counting on more than 200 team members to support landmark missions in remote sensing, communications, space exploration and space situational awareness.