Simon van den Dries joins EnduroSat as a Head of Space Service


EnduroSat has appointed Simon van den Dries as the Head of its Space Services sales team as per March 1, 2024.

Simon brings over 24 years of experience in the space industry, having worked with Spire as VP of Business Development Space Services, as well as SES, GE, and Honeywell.

Simon van den Dries joins EnduroSat as a Head of Space Service

EnduroSat is a highly driven company with a strong vision to streamline commercial access to space for the global market. The company has made the traditionally complex and protracted process of sending a satellite in space into a straightforward and rapid experience for international customers. I’m excited to join the team and usher EnduroSat’s in-space capabilities into the next era of Space Services.

Simon van den Dries

EnduroSat has been working hard to make space more accessible. We strive to empower companies and research organisations to obtain high-quality space data. By streamlining the development of satellites, their operations in orbit, and by providing fixed and clear pricing, our team is enabling more missions to reach space.

Raycho Raychev, CEO and Founder of EnduroSat

EnduroSat kicked its Space Services into high gear last year, raising capital to scale, securing Vyoma as a new customer in situational awareness missions and signing cutting-edge missions for space exploration and remote sensing.

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