Advanced avionics and data processing
17th Nov 2023

Fastest Ever

endurosat clean room 1

We have achieved an unprecedented milestone in 2023 improving further our standards for satellite manufacturing and delivery. With our latest investment in production and AIT capabilities, EnduroSat has successfully reduced its delivery time to just 2 weeks.


One of the key factors contributing to our growth in 2023 is the inauguration of its new 3,200 m2 Space Facility with 700 m2 of Space Labs.


The Space Center has several state-of-the-art labs, including an ISO-7-certified Satellite Assembly Lab, an RF Testing Laboratory, a Hardware Testing Laboratory, and a Mechanical Integration Facility. The company continues its efforts to meet the highest industry standards for quality and reliability.


Our team can now assemble, test, integrate, and deliver 10+ satellites per month. This enhanced production capacity has allowed us to meet the growing demands of the space industry, making it a trusted partner for complex space missions.


EnduroSat has over 2,500 avionics in orbit and more than 50 satellites successfully delivered to clients across the globe. We successfully launched our latest satellites on the Transporter 9 mission, acquired signal, and will be starting the operational phase.