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Earth Applications

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  • Affordable Space Program through advanced cost-effective CubeSats

    An outstanding satellite performance at low-cost

  • Designed for Earth orbit and Deep Space missions

    CubeSat designed as a multipurpose platform

  • EnduroSat offers the biggest payload volume in its class

    Unprecedented opportunities for the user

  • Shortest delivery time + high performance and endurance

    Saving time and costs

  • Designing and engineering next-gen CubeSat platforms

    Engineering innovation and craftsmanship

  • Highly-flexible CubeSat platforms for variety of missions

    User experience guides our satellite development


EnduroSat team has designed, engineered and built next-gen CubeSat platforms that provide the user with the automation and intuitive experience of a high-performance satellite at a significantly lower cost. Our platforms were created with the mission to accelerate space research and applications and enable easy access to Earth orbit and beyond to new players.



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We are advancing the next-gen infrastructure in space. Our CubeSats are designed and engineered to endure space environment for very long time in a completely autonomous mode. EnduroSat mission is to provide simpler access to space for the innovative business customers, scientists and technologists. Our team is developing a completely integrated space infrastructure for a diverse set of missions.

Space is closer than you think!


Every day we innovate further!

EnduroSat is proud to announce it has initiated “InnoSpaceComm” Project for engineering and development of innovative space communication systems and services for the nano/microsatellite market. The specific objectives of the project are to develop and deploy a novel communication infrastructure – both on-board the satellites and on the ground, to provide unique capability for space to Earth communication at significantly lower cost to European industry, research and education sectors. The successful implementation of the InnoSpaceComm project will open vast opportunities for innovative services and data-driven applications to European entrepreneurs and SME companies. It will provide them access to the market much faster. By securing the new communication infrastructure space- ground-space at a significantly lower cost and educational program supporting it, all new companies will leverage it by focusing directly on Earth-based applications and services and data analysis (examples: more advanced Smart city solutions, space education with hands-on experience, logistics through higher data transfers, Earth observation, disaster management).

InnoSpaceComm Project

InnoSpaceComm project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, SME Instrument Phase 2 under grant agreement No 768049.

Exciting News from the Small Sat Conference

EnduroSat cubesat modules are selected for cutting-edge space missions at Small Sat Conference!
More information is available on our Facebook page.

EnduroSat at the SU Global Grand Challenge Awards

EnduroSat to be present at SU Global Grand Challenge Awards / https://su.org/summits/su-global-summit / as organization potentially capable of positively impacting a billion lives.

Next generation 3U CubeSat modules!

EnduroSat launched its cutting-edge 3U CubeSat modules. Details:
3U Structure
3U Solar Panel X/Y
3U Solar Panel X/Y MTQ

EnduroSat Services is opened for business!

Check EnduroSat services page and learn how your business will benefit from our space technology.

New CubeSat modules are coming!

We are proud to launch new CubeSat modules in our portfolio. EnduroSat is rapidly expanding its CubeSat platforms. More detailed information is coming very soon!

Something unique is coming online

EnduroSat is preparing the next steps in CubeSat development and design. Updates will be coming shortly…

EnduroSat team is hiring!

Ever wanted to join a real space team? Now is your chance! EnduroSat team is growing and we are searching for brilliant new colleagues. Check the positions here:

Starburst Ventures closes $200 million space fund

A new venture fund called Starburst Ventures has managed to raise a $200 million debut fund to invest in early stage aerospace startups over the next three years. The fund is an extension of the Starburst Accelerator – a leading space accelerator. EnduroSat is proud to partner with Starburst Accelerator.

New CubeSat modules development progresses

EnduroSat R&D continues to excel. New series of modules are being prepared for launch. The modules are compatible with bigger CubeSats and NanoSat platforms – offering impressive capabilities at unmatched price-level. Details:

EnduroSat partners with Starburst Accelerator

EnduroSat has signed an agreement to become member of Starburst Accelerator – the biggest aerospace accelerator program in the world. News regarding the cooperation and next steps will be announced soon.

New products announced

EnduroSat has presented the newest products in our CubeSat shop. New 1.5U and 3U Solar Panels, new X-band Communication module and new EPS Type II – all aimed at bigger CubeSats and even more advanced missions.

EnduroSat at Toulouse Space Show

EnduroSat participated in Toulouse Space Show. Our team demonstrated the capabilities of our products. The EnduroSat booth was one of the busiest on the show, attracting both people from academia and from commercial space programs.

New CubeSat modules PACK offers

EnduroSat has launched new modules PACK offers. Configuring a CubeSat platform has never been easier. Now you can purchase sets of CubeSat modules and get automatically significant discounts. For more details on our newest proposals, visit the CubeSat store.

Education-specific program launched

Understanding the specific needs of the Educational programs, EnduroSat has launched a new initiative, giving 10% discount on all CubeSat modules. All educational institutions can now apply for a FREE PROTOBOARD MODULE + MICROCONTROLLER. Details about the discount on CubeSat modules.


EnduroSat has officially opened the MOST USER-FRIENDLY STORE FOR CUBESATS. Now OUR CLIENTS can order satellites and satellite modules for less than 5 MINUTES. Furthermore, EnduroSat is building all modules in-house and OUR DELIVERY times are as short as 5 DAYS from the order acceptance. Starting MAY 2016, we are beginning to deliver products to our clients!

ECSS Qualification tests were successfully performed on our systems

For two weeks our team carried out a full campaign of ECSS-compliant space qualification tests. Environmental and mechanical tests were performed on the engineering qualification models of our CubeSat and on each of our subsystems.

Build your satellite!

Soon on our website our partners will be able to configure and customize their CubeSats with fully space qualified modules and subsystems.

Our team is busy working on а brand new CubeSat shop

Many exciting news are coming up
in the next few weeks

EnduroSat partnered successfully with Space Challenges Program

Part of our team worked with the space cadets from the program, helping them with advises on engineering, technology and entrepreneurship. We are proud to partner with Space Challenges – a leadership space science and educational program on CEE level

EnduroSat began the testing campaign of our systems

The testing campaign will include a range of activities, proving the resilience and the capabilities of EnduroSat systems. Full environmental and functional test is under way

EnduroSat team participated in the CubeSat Industry Day at European Space Agency ESTEC centrе.

Diverse set of CubeSat projects, concepts and technologies were presented. We are looking forward to the next meetings…

EnduroSat has developed successfully 11 new modules

For only a few months EnduroSat team managed to design and engineer 11 different CubeSat modules

EnduroSat opened for business in January 2015.

Our team is actively building the next-generation high-performance CubeSat platform along with complementary technologies with the idea to bring Earth closer to Space

Our team has more than 160 years of combined engineering experience


Designing and building cutting-edge Space technology is our main priority. We create stunning concepts and engineering solutions.


We are engineering advanced RF modules and systems for satellites and ground stations. Our solutions are extremely robust and high-performance.


Nothing is more important for a Space mission than its goal. To achieve it, we design and engineer electronics that last longer in orbit.


Creating on-demand embedded solutions for unique spacecraft missions.


Meticulous planning and simulations are a must for every space mission success.


Our team deals with analysis and design of diverse types of structures for aerospace utilization. We prepare for the unexpected.


We have experience in design and management of complex R&D projects. Our innovative methodology and risk management guarantee your project success.


Our team has experience in advanced concepts analysis, design and engineering as well as prototyping.


High-quality production and craftsmanship are at the core of our values.


Good ideas are not always profitable. Let us provide you with accurate metrics and predictions.


Space is closer than you think!