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Recap of SatNEx Summer School 2019 hosted by EnduroSat

The students came to our school working on concrete topics and already having a high expertise in their respective fields (mostly focused on traditional BigSat) but throughout our four days together, we hope that we managed to broaden their horizons, give them a lot of practical knowledge and complement their expertise by showing them something more of the NewSpace systems, their logic and applications!

SatNEx Summer School 2019 has started!

Organized by EnduroSat and the Satellite Network of Experts, the school gives a broad overview of the current state-of-the-art technologies in terms of both traditional and SmallSat communication systems.

State of the Art EnduroSat

Recognized as a disruptive tech company for its innovative CubeSat solutions, EnduroSat was presented in NASA State of the Art Report 2018 Download the full report: NASA State of the Art Report 2018

“Most Innovative company in Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2” in Bulgaria

On March 25th at a ceremony in the Ministry of Education and Science, EnduroSat was awarded by Deputy Minister of Education and Science Karina Angelieva, as the “Most Innovative company in Horizon 2020 SME Instrument Phase 2” in Bulgaria.

InnoSpaceComm – The biggest initiative for Space Modules in Europe

InnoSpaceComm “Free Space Module” adventure had an amazing start. 150 educational satellite modules are reaching their destinations all around European schools, universities and research organizations.

EnduroSat Empowers the Future of Energy with Equinor

EnduroSat was one of the top companies selected to pitch to Equinor representatives and investors at Equinor’s HQ in Oslo on January 29th. The business acceleration event was organized by the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot in partnership with Equinor. Our CEO presented EnduroSat’s cutting-edge solution to current and future energy sector challenges. This was the first EIC Corporate Day …

Our CEO shared his vision about next gen satellite services at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin

Raycho Raychev was invited as a keynote speaker at TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018. During the panel discussion about the future of space tech, EnduroSat was presented as one of the most exciting companies working on Nano Satellites. What is Disrupt Berlin? TechCrunch Disrupt is an annual conference hosted by TechCrunch and is said to be one of the world’s leading …

“Space Technology for Bahrain” Symposium

It was a pleasure to share the achievements of EnduroSat at the “Space Technology for Bahrain” Symposium at Bahrain Polytechnic University. The main objective of this event was to familiarize the Bahraini community with the Space technology advancements and applications as well as the benefits of its development in the Kingdom of Bahrain. More information about the event is available on …

Innovation Kitchen Europe

The summit was an excellent visibility opportunity for EnduroSat, which was invited to showcase the ingenious InnoSpaceComm project and pitch investors at the most visited workshop “Investors roasting entrepreneur”!

EnduroSat’s cutting-edge Single Stop to Space Solution was proudly presented at the Small Satellite Conference

  Internationally recognized as the premier conference on small satellites, the AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites is held each August on the campus of Utah State University (USU) in Logan, Utah, USA. This annual gathering provides a forum for the best minds in the small satellite community to review recent successes, explore new directions, and introduce emerging technologies in small …

EnduroSat One Mission Update

Our satellite is officially in orbit! More than 50 radio amateurs already managed to track EnduroSat One. Big congrats to all of you who managed to track our satellite around the world! You can listen to one of the transmissions below: Sent by JE9PEL Join the competition, find more info or sign up to get mission updates:

EnduroSat presenting at the Innovative Enterprise Week Sofia 2018

During his opening speech at the event, Jean-Eric Paquet, Director-General of DG Research and Innovation at the European Commission, presented EnduroSat and the company’s potential for high-impact growth measured also through the InnoSpaceComm – the only SME Instrument phase 2 project in Bulgaria. Innovative Enterprise Week Sofia 2018 is an initiative by the European Commission, organised by the Bulgarian Presidency of …

EnduroSat at the 4S Symposium in Sorrento

We presented our latest CubeSat products at the 4S Symposium in Sorrento, Italy. Learn more about the 4S Symposium

EnduroSat One is onboard the ISS

The EnduroSat One mission is now onboard the International Space Station! The exact date of its deployment and more details should be known within the next few days.

The EnduroSat One mission has successfully begun!

The Antares rocket with the Cygnus spacecraft on board was launched on Monday, May 21st 2018 from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility. EnduroSat One is on board the Cygnus cargo resupply spacecraft which is now on its way to the International Space Station.

We were honoured to meet in person Dr. Jordi Puig-Suari

Dr. Jordi Puig-Suari is the co-founder of the CubeSat standard and CubeSat Project Co-Director at CalPoly. He visited briefly EnduroSat stand at CubeSat Developers Workshop.

InnoSpaceComm Project Presented at the 2nd SSEA

Free Space Demo Module initiative of the InnoSpaceComm project was presented at the 2nd Symposium on Space Educational Activities. Find out more and signup:

Our CEO talks about Innovation in Space Science, Tech and Education

EnduroSat’s CEO was invited as a keynote speaker to share his experience in creating functioning ecosystem of space science, engineering and educational initiatives. The event named “The future of R&I in Europe: boosting innovation” was part of the Informal Meeting of EU Ministers Responsible for Competitiveness (Research) celebrated on 2nd of February 2018 at the National Palace of Culture in …

EASME Coordinators Welcome Day

EnduroSat team participated in EASME Coordinators Welcome Day in Brussels. Our CEO met with other successful start-ups, trying to disrupt positively diverse European industry segments. The meeting brought many good examples on how to manage successfully H2020 SME Instrument Phase II projects. More details to come soon…

EnduroSat is honoured to host Mr. Robert-Jan Smits

EnduroSat is honoured to host Mr. Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General of DG Research and Innovation at the European Commission and discuss the future development of space technology and services.

EnduroSat – featured in Financial Times!

We are proud to announce that EnduroSat is featured in Financial Times! Space scientist Raycho Raychev’s three-year-old start-up, EnduroSat, aims to make miniature satellites available at affordable prices to universities, research institutes and commercial users. “There’s an unprecedented number of applications for our modules — from ship and truck tracking and navigation to astronomy, astrophysics and pharmacology,” he says. Check …

EnduroSat team was present at NewSpace Europe

We received quite positive feedback about the InnoSpaceComm Project at the NewSpace Europe conference.  

EnduroSat is now part of the Endeavor Network!

We are excited to announce that EnduroSat is now part of the Endeavor Network! EnduroSat was selected as one of the 16 companies from 11 countries at the Endeavor’s 75th International Selection Panel (ISP) held October 23-25, 2017, in Sofia, Bulgaria. More information is available in the official Endeavor website.

EnduroSat One – The first Bulgarian Radio Amateur CubeSat mission

EnduroSat is collaborating with the Space Challenges program and the Bulgarian Federation of Radioamateurs (BFRA) for the first Bulgarian Radio Amateur CubeSat mission named EnduroSat One.   EnduroSat One will be embarked on the cargo resupply mission SpaceX CRS-14 to the International Space Station manifested to be launched on February 2018 from Cape Canaveral SLC-40 launch base in Florida, USA. …

Exciting News from the Small Sat Conference

EnduroSat cubesat modules are selected for cutting-edge space missions at Small Sat Conference!

InnoSpaceComm Project

EnduroSat is proud to announce it has initiated “InnoSpaceComm” Project for engineering and development of innovative space communication systems and services for the nano/microsatellite market. The specific objectives of the project are to develop and deploy a novel communication infrastructure – both on-board the satellites and on the ground, to provide unique capability for space to Earth communication at significantly …

EnduroSat at the SU Global Grand Challenge Awards

EnduroSat to be present at SU Global Grand Challenge Awards as organization potentially capable of positively impacting a billion lives.

Next generation 3U CubeSat modules!

EnduroSat launched its cutting-edge 3U CubeSat modules.

EnduroSat Services is opened for business!

Check EnduroSat services page and learn how your business will benefit from our space technology.

New CubeSat modules are coming!

We are proud to launch new CubeSat modules in our portfolio. EnduroSat is rapidly expanding its CubeSat platforms.

Something unique is coming online

EnduroSat is preparing the next steps in CubeSat development and design.

EnduroSat team is hiring!

EnduroSat team is growing and we are searching for brilliant new colleagues.

Starburst Ventures closes $200 million space fund

The fund is an extension of the Starburst Accelerator – a leading space accelerator.

New CubeSat modules development progresses

The modules are compatible with bigger CubeSats and NanoSat platforms – offering impressive capabilities at unmatched price-level.

EnduroSat partners with Starburst Accelerator

EnduroSat has signed an agreement to become member of Starburst Accelerator – the biggest aerospace accelerator program in the world.

EnduroSat at Toulouse Space Show

The EnduroSat booth was one of the busiest on the show, attracting both people from academia and from commercial space programs.

New products announced

New 1.5U and 3U Solar Panels, new X-band Communication module and new EPS Type II.

New CubeSat modules PACK offers

Now you can purchase sets of CubeSat modules and get automatically significant discounts.

Education-specific program launched

All educational institutions can now apply for a FREE PROTOBOARD MODULE + MICROCONTROLLER.

EnduroSat CubeSat Store is Opened!

EnduroSat has officially opened the MOST USER-FRIENDLY STORE FOR CUBESATS!

Build your satellite!

Soon on our website our partners will be able to configure and customize their CubeSats with fully space qualified modules and subsystems.

ECSS Qualification tests were successfully performed on our systems

For two weeks our team carried out a full campaign of ECSS-compliant space qualification tests.

Our team is busy working on а brand new CubeSat shop

Our CubeSat store will be online soon. Many exciting news are coming up in the next few weeks…

EnduroSat began the testing campaign of our systems

The testing campaign will include a range of activities, proving the resilience and the capabilities of EnduroSat systems.

EnduroSat partnered successfully with Space Challenges Program

Part of our team worked with the space cadets from the program, helping them with advises on engineering, technology and entrepreneurship.

EnduroSat team participated in the CubeSat Industry Day

Diverse set of CubeSat projects, concepts and technologies were presented at European Space Agency ESTEC centrе.

EnduroSat has developed successfully 11 new modules

For only a few months EnduroSat team managed to design and engineer 11 different CubeSat modules!

EnduroSat opened for business in January 2015

Our team is actively building the next-generation high-performance CubeSat…

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