Our Projects


CubeSat Constellation for Climate Change will demonstrate the feasibility of establishing a CubeSat constellation to provide regular daily measurements for Sea Level Rise (SLR), thereby lowering the cost and increasing the frequency and quality of remote sensing data.

CC4CC will design and develop a Small Flying Object (SFO) CubeSat Constellation in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to obtain daily measurements of global and regional changes in Sea Level Rise. CC4CC will determine the orbital parameters and characteristics of the CubeSat constellation to ensure optimal coverage and revisit time.


The successful implementation of current InnoSpaceComm project and the support of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument will ensure the company’s exponential expansion of disruptive innovation for space technology on EU level and beyond.

EnduroSat has received Seal of Excellence for its project proposal.

SatNEx Summer School

The SatNEx Summer School 2019 was organised by EnduroSat and the Satellite Network of Experts (SatNEx) in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The school was intended to give a broad overview of the current state-of-the-art technologies in terms of both traditional and SmallSat communication systems.

EnduroSat One Mission

The main purpose of the mission was to provide practically-oriented education on the topic of satellite communications for the first time in Bulgaria. The cadets of Space Challenges 2018 communicated with the satellite and downloaded data from it.

After performing nominally in beacon mode, the satellite has transitioned to full range test of all systems and attitude determination and control optimization.

Space Data Gateway Project

Four companies join forces to develop Space Data Gateway project. EnduroSat, Tech Tour, AIKO - Autonomous Space Missions and Planetek Hellas will bring entirely new service to the space industry by delivering data from LEO much cheaper and faster via a simple interface.

The project is funded by H2020 Fast Track to Innovation Programme.


iFACT (iodine Fed Advanced Cusp field Thruster) is a H2020 collaborative that aims to further develop the Advanced Cusp Field Thruster (ACFT) technology, using iodine as propellant and a neutraliser based on calcium aluminates.

The iFACT subsystem, combining simplicity with efficiency, will be an extremely cost effective electric propulsion device that can be used in a wide power range and for many applications, such as satellite constellations or telecom satellites but also for Earth observation and science missions.