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Space access made
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EnduroSat's new Shared Satellite Service offers the easiest way to fly and operate your payload in orbit. No more legal, technologic and logistic complexities.


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Stay ahead of the curve with
the Shared Satellite Service

The unprecedented speed of development in the space sector requires you to move ever faster with your innovations and research. New technologies and services are being developed every day and you need to move fast!

Software-defined NanoSats
System functional and acceptance testing based on ESA ECSS and NASA GEVS standards
Flexible in-orbit operations, power and pointing capabilities. Your data is delivered in the cloud reliably and securely
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Smart operations

Automatic allocation of power, pointing, processing and data capacity based on your requirements. In-orbit updates and app running capability.

Better performance



Higher is Better

Shorter time

6 months

30 months

Lower is Better

Complete transparency in payments and costs

no hidden fees,
no complexity


One-off fee

  • Operations design
  • Payload integration
  • Functional testing and verification
  • Launch acceptance campaign
  • Registration and documentation
  • Launch and Early Mission Operations (LEOP)


Yearly in-orbit service

  • Flexible monthly data downlink
  • Flexible on-demand data processing
  • Dedicated high-accuracy pointing sessions
  • In-orbit software and operations updates

Payload Parameters

Average power available
5-30 W
Peak power available
50 W
Power busses available
3.3V, 5 V
6-12V customizable
Battery raw busses
17-34 V
Maximum payload mass
7 kg

Software-approach to complex
mission operations

EnduroSat’s redundant multi-master architecture provides unique payload flexibility. The dedicated payload computer ensures in-orbit data processing and apps deployment, security and efficiency on mission level. Encrypted data downlink via AWS-based cloud services ensures the highest level of security for your data.

Perfect your technology and scale
fast your business in orbit

Focus your energy on
what matters most

No more wasting time on satellite supply chain and mission operation complexity. Focus on your payload operations in space. Control precisely the cost of our mission. Receive your data on demand.

Fast Deployment

In Orbit Validation

Conduct Experiments

Acquire Flight Heritage

Client Testimonials

hypernova space

Hypernova is proud to partner with EnduroSat on their Shared Sat service. Professional, knowledgeable and efficient! We’re excited to work with them towards redefining space capabilities for small satellites.

Jonathan Lun

CEO of Hypernova

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Book and fly with us any type of scientific or commercial payload without the burden of reengineering satellite hardware. Our unique software-centric NanoSat architecture allows for multiple payloads to operate together reliably on a single NanoSat. Each of the payloads has access to onboard processing, power and pointing capability on demand.

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