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    We cover

    Payload Integration

    Functional Testing

    Legal Registration

    Mission Launch

    Mission Operations

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    • Speed
    • Simplicity
    • Flexibility
    • Reliability
    • Security
    • Sustainability

    6 months from idea to launch


    Smart operations

    Automatic allocation of power, pointing, processing and data capacity based on your requirements. In-orbit updates and app running capability.


    Better performance



    Higher is Better

    Shorter time

    6 months

    30 months

    Lower is Better

    Tech Innovations

    Decentralised multi-master data handling system with no single points of failure

    Robust in-orbit firmware updates for all subsystems with a unified and flight-proven protocol

    Embedded data cache system for easy telemetry logging and downlink

    Code generation automation for internal commands and interfaces

    State Machine Framework for easy operational modes setup for each payload

    Smart Operations: command sequence execution based on timestamp and logical conditions outside of communication windows

    Completely integrated third party GS networks: LeafSpace, AWS

    Payload Parameters

    Average power available
    ≤ 60W
    Peak power available (all busses)
    Power busses available
    3.3V, 5V
    6-12V customizable
    Power busses upon request
    Battery raw bus
    Maximum payload mass

    Software-approach to complex
    mission operations

    EnduroSat’s redundant multi-master architecture provides unique payload operations reliability. Integrated data cache system and operational modes ensure flexible operations while a dedicated payload computer can be added for in-orbit data processing and apps deployment. Encrypted data downlink directly to AWS-based cloud services ensures the highest level of security for your data.



    Focus your energy on
    what matters most

    No more wasting time in satellite supply chain and mission operation complexity. Focus on your operations in space. Control precisely the cost of our mission. Get your data directly on the cloud.

    Remote sensing

    Earth Observation

    Meteorology & Space Weather


    Complete transparency in payments and costs

    no hidden fees,
    no complexity


    One-off fee

    • Operations design
    • Payload integration
    • Functional testing and verification
    • Launch acceptance campaign
    • Registration and documentation
    • Launch and Early Mission Operations (LEOP)


    Yearly in-orbit service fee

    • Flexible monthly data downlink
    • Flexible on-demand data processing
    • Dedicated high-accuracy pointing sessions
    • In-orbit software and operations updates

    Proud to support winners

    hypernova space

    Hypernova is proud to partner with EnduroSat on their Shared Sat service. Professional, knowledgeable and efficient! We're excited to work with them towards redefining space capabilities for small satellites.

    Jonathan Lun

    CEO of Hypernova

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    Book and fly with us any type of commercial payload without the burden of reengineering satellite hardware. Our unique software-flexible NanoSat architecture allows for multiple sensors to operate together reliably on a single NanoSat, resulting in outstanding sustainable space service. Fewer satellites in orbit, used with much higher efficiency, shared as a common resource in orbit.


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