Advanced avionics and data processing
10th Jul 2020

Space operations redefined – Our Shared Satellite Service is ON

Space operations redefined – Our Shared Satellite Service is ON

EnduroSat unveils the maiden flight of its Shared Satellite Service through the launch of SPARTAN. The Shared Platform for Applied Research and Technology AffirmatioN (SPARTAN) is a 6U CubeSat which will fly onboard the Falcon 9 rocket, carrying a total of 7 payloads on a single bus.

Our unique satellite architecture allows for multiple payloads to operate together reliably on a single NanoSat. Each of the payloads has access to onboard processing, power and pointing capability, making multi-tasking in space possible.

Space operations redefined!

SPARTAN is the first of several upcoming Shared Satellite Missions, empowering EnduroSat’s commercial partners and their space capabilities. It enables the easiest way to perform technology demonstrations as well as scientific and commercial programs without the need to operate your own satellite or ground infrastructure.

The Shared Satellite Service includes integration, validation & testing, launch and operations of the satellite and all of the payloads, thereby opening a paradigm improvement in space accessibility and simplifying space operations. Direct access to the payload data is instantly available in the cloud via EnduroSat’s own Digital Ground Station.

Typical NanoSat missions take between 2 and 5 years from concept to execution, forcing companies and academia into burdensome and long technology development cycles.
Our mission is simple- to empower business, exploration and science through exceptional NanoSat space services.



  • Custom mission design based on your unique requirements
  • Platform integration and functional verification
  • Launch acceptance campaign
  • Legal documentation
  • Launch and Mission Operations
  • Flexible data services and operations


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