Commercial space services redefined


EnduroSat revealed 9 Shared Missions, up to 2023 which empower commercial, academia and science teams with the easiest way to fly and operate their payload in orbit.

SPARTAN, EnduroSat`s software-defined 6U NanoSat gets to orbit on SpaceX`s Trasnsporter-2.

  • spartan-endurosat-first-shared-satellite-service-6u-cubesat
  • spartan-endurosat-first-shared-satellite-service-6u-cubesat
  • transporter-2-spacex-mission-launch-spartan
  • transporter-2-spacex-mission-launch-spartan-endurosat

Photo credits: SpaceX

This is the first of nine upcoming Shared Missions, that will streamline the deployment of commercial sensors, and verify next gen technologies in Space.

SPARTAN is carrying 7 payloads. It is demonstrating the capability of the software-defined architecture to provide customers an easy access to space data.

We are thrilled to see the innovations and the incredible work, that our partners and customers will do in orbit, thanks to SPARTAN. We believe that EnduroSat`s Shared Satellite Service is a paradigm shift that eliminates the entire complexity of getting sensors to orbit.
Give us what you want to fly and in a few months’ time you are operating your sensor in space and downlinking data to the ground.

Raycho Raychev, Founder & CEO of EnduroSat

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