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1. Choose your fields of interest: spaceflight, engineering, bioscience, astrophysics, and many other
2. Become a Space Cadet and learn more about the Universe in an interactive and engaging way
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Hands-On Learning Program

Sign up for EnduroSat’s 5-day hands-on custom training program and gain first-hand knowledge and practical experience directly from our scientists and space experts.

With more than 10 years of successful educational results, we are proud to deliver training tailored for your specific mission requirements.

Educational platform for the new space world


Empower the next generation of space and satellite professionals

Spaceport is a gateway for students and space enthusiasts from all around the world who dream to join the space sector.

Why Spaceport?
  • 01Growing need for adequately prepared space workforce
  • 02Current space education is expensive and inaccessible
  • 03Space companies lack time and resources to train team members for their specific needs
  • 04The dynamics of the space industry requires fast adaptation in engineering and technology
  • 05Traditional university programs have difficulty to adapt to the constant change

Comprehensive and up to date educational platform for space science, technology, and exploration


  • 400+ HD educational videos
  • 100+ hours of content
  • Remarkable gamification which includes comics, avatars, 3D maps, awards, upgrades system, and other
  • iOS app with additional features and a comic style storytelling
  • 18 000+ active users

Topics covered

  • Space Science
  • Robotics and A.I.
  • Space Data Analytics
  • Space Applications
  • Space Engineering
  • Space Exploration
  • Entrepreneurship in Space

Educational platform for the new space world

The innovative Play to Study approach creates a completely new engaging space educational format
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    Hundreds of talks from renowned space experts at your fingertips

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    Upgrade your Moon and Mars colonies based on your knowledge and scores

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    8 thematic missions unlocking exciting storylines and compelling art content

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    Interactive Mind Map mode which allows you to explore any topic at any time

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    Access to thematic achieve-only leader groups which allow you to discuss exciting space challenges with peers and the Spaceport’s team

Learn from the experts

Hands-On Learning Program

EnduroSat provides custom hands-on training courses on various topics in the field of aerospace. The courses and programs are tuned and structured to meet your team’s experience, background, and mission requirements.

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Mission analysis and design

Thorough introduction to Orbital Dynamics, focusing on the extraction of relevant parameters such as revisit time, pass durations, and availability. Introduction to Orbital Manoeuvres and their application for formation flying and trajectory optimisation. Introduction to Specialised Software and Advanced Applications.


Communication systems

In-depth course on the physical and software aspects of RF engineering for Space applications. Includes complete RF link theory, examples of Link Budget case studies, and hands-on work with communication modules. Introduction to various sources of noise and losses and their impact on link margin.


System engineering and architecture

Introductory course on System Engineering of complex systems, highlighting SmallSats and CubeSats in particular. Introduction and case studies of standard decomposition methods and modelling tools and their application on the systematic modelling and optimisation of spacecraft and constellations.


Space mission operations

A thorough introduction to Mission Lifecycle and processes involved - from initial Concept of Operations (ConOps) to documentation on mission operations, in-orbit commissioning, and utilisation. Use of real-mission examples and introduction to best practices in terms of contingency planning.


Numerical simulations and modeling

Introduction to numerical methods and modelling for the purpose of customised physical and engineering simulations. Hands-on code writing, including examples with numerical integration, optimisations, and non-linear root finding. Explicit examples with orbital and rotational dynamics.

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