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17th Nov 2020

Next gen small satellite propulsion flying on our Shared Sat service

endurosat partneship with hypernova space technologies

We are thrilled to announce that Hypernova Space Technologies has signed with EnduroSat to fly their first thruster mission on our 6U CubeSat platform. The mission is flying on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rideshare launch in December 2021.

Hypernova is the world’s only commercial electric propulsion designed for in-situ resource utilization. Hypernova’s thrusters will use fuel found on Earth today, the Moon tomorrow, and asteroids within our lifetime.

More details about the upcoming launch here: https://spacenews.com/momentus-endurosat-contract/.

Hypernova is proud to partner with EnduroSat on their Shared Sat service. Professional, knowledgeable and efficient! We’re excited to work with them towards redefining space capabilities for small satellites.

– Jonathan Lun, CEO (Hypernova)


We are thrilled to offer streamlined access to Space for innovative start-ups such as Hypernova – Space is closer than you think!

– Victor Danchev, Mission Manager (EnduroSat)