EnduroSat at the Southeast Europe Aviation Summit 2021


EnduroSat participated in one of the biggest regional aerospace events – the Southeast Europe Aviation Summit 2021, which was held on May 18-19, 2021 in Belgrade.
SEAS 2021 gathered 42 industry speakers from around the world and covered the emerging opportunities in the aviation and Space industries.

EnduroSat`s founder & CEO Raycho Raychev was a keynote speaker at the summit and discussed what is the easiest way to get your payload to orbit.

raycho-raychev-endurosat-ceo-at-Southeast Europe Aviation Summit 2021

Since we’ve developed a software-defined satellite platform, why don`t we provide it as a shared satellite solution to everyone? This would lead to a much better future for space companies in the region and beyond. Instead of wasting 95% of the time in developing a satellite platform, companies could focus on what really matters – their sensors and their data. Our customers can even share the resources of the satellite dynamically during the mission

– Raycho Raychev, CЕO

Also: What does it take to join one of the fastest growing space companies in Europe and more in the keynote below:

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