Advanced avionics and data processing
19th Apr 2024

Forbes CEO of the Year Award


Raycho Raychev, CEO & Founder of EnduroSat with the ESPA-class microsatellite

Earlier this week, Raycho Raychev, CEO & Founder at EnduroSat received the 2024 CEO of the Year Award at the Forbes Business Awards. The award recognizes the work of companies with outstanding business practices. Since launching its first satellite in 2018, EnduroSat has strived to make space universally accessible by turning traditionally complex space missions into a straightforward and fixed-cost experience.

‘’Data and analytics from Space have the potential to improve life here on Earth. By making Space missions easy to plan, design and operate, we hope to empower the next-gen innovators successes in space’’
raycho raychev ceo founder endurosat team 06 22
Raycho Raychev
Founder & CEO, EnduroSat

To keep space safe and accessible for these projects, EnduroSat is building the ESPA microsatellite platform for the space-situational awareness (SSA) constellation of German start-up Vyoma. The spacecraft will be equipped with edge computing capabilities for real-time in-orbit processing to enhance current SSA capabilities, contributing to space safety.

Raychev also launched the Space Challenges program, an educational program aiming to accelerate the careers of aspiring new Space professionals. The program holds an annual intensive bootcamp.