Advanced avionics and data processing
9th Jan 2023

No crash, boom, bang in space

endurosat partners with neuraspace lenai space

No crash, boom, bang in space! We are partnering with Neuraspace and Ienai Space for Europe’s first orbital demonstration of a collision avoidance system based on artificial intelligence (AI). Our aim is to make space-traffic-management a reality. They also want to set a baseline and show the way for the adoption of end-to-end space traffic management solutions.


The mission will serve as a precursor for an end-to-end space traffic management (STM) solution for increased spacecraft safety. The STM will provide spacecraft operators with better space traffic data, collision detection algorithms, and more efficient propulsion systems.

The satellite, built by EnduroSat, will be launched aboard an Isar Aerospace rocket (ISAR 2). Once in orbit, it will be maneuvered by Ienai’s ‘Athena’ thrusters. The thrusters will respond to both simulated and real collision warnings and manoeuvring suggestions. The warnings and suggestions will be generated by Neuraspace’s AI/ML (machine learning) driven STM solution.

The EnduroSat team has been working on a vision for a sustainable space program for the past five years. Our latest service offer, sharing capacity among customers on every satellite and reducing the need for multiple single missions, is another step in this direction.

added Raycho Raychev, Founder & CEO of EnduroSat