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30th May 2024

Next-gen Space Lab opened in Bulgarian Air Force Academy

Raycho Raychev inaugurates the new space lab at the Air Force Academy
The lab will host a practice-oriented Master’s Program in Space Engineering & Technology

EnduroSat’s Founder and CEO, Raycho Raychev, inaugurated the “Arthur C. Clarke” laboratory at the Bulgarian Air Force Academy “Georgi Benkovski” alongside Brigadier General Julian Radojski. EnduroSat funded the renovation as part of its strategy to develop cutting-edge space science and education in the Balkans.

The laboratory is fully equipped with high-end computer systems and software as well as EnduroSat’s latest model of DeskSat. Altogether, the modernized facility and equipment donated by EnduroSat are designed for hands-on learning. This includes design and engineering, space mission operations as well as assembly integration & test workshops.

EnduroSat also funded and built the space laboratories in Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridiski” and in the Naval Academy “Nikola Vaptzarov”. Together, all three labs will host the new Master’s Program in Space Engineering & Technology to train the next generation of space professionals. The Master’s program will be 75% practice.

‘’I am extremely proud that EnduroSat built this lab. The very fact that we can help create a meaningful curriculum for a competitive and relevant space education is a huge honor for us. The space sector plays a pivotal role for the development of our society and we will continue to push forward on both educational and space operations level.’’
Raycho Raychev
CEO and Founder, EnduroSat

The company’s education strategy also includes Space Challenges, a leadership space education program fostering technical and entrepreneurial skills.