ION-X to test in orbit the next generation of electrospray thruster via EnduroSat’s Space as a Service


ION-X and EnduroSat undertake a major step for the future of in-orbit maneuvers and sustainable commercial missions in space.

ION-X plug-and-play electrospray thruster, able to deliver unmatched thrust and fuel efficiency, will be validated in orbit via EnduroSat’s Space as a Service.

The shared mission is one of many upcoming by EnduroSat and is scheduled for launch in the first half of 2024, onboard SpaceX Falcon 9. EnduroSat’s Space as a Service offers the fastest way to launch and operate your payload in orbit.

Accelerating the space vision of more than 200+ clients worldwide, the company confirmed mission opportunities up to 2026. 

We are proud to sign this cooperation agreement with EnduroSat for the first in-orbit-demonstration mission of our electrospray thruster. Beyond the demonstration of our thruster’s technical performances, I hope that this mission will be the start of a solid collaboration between our two companies.

Thomas Hiriart, CEO of ION-X

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