Power in space

6U Solar Panel

Fully qualified Solar Panels

this cubesat module has flight heritage
this cubesat module is featured in NASA state of the art report

Fully qualified Solar Panels

29.5%triple junction
solar cells
19.2 Win

Triple Junction Solar Cells for Space Applications with efficiency higher than 29.5%


High radiation resilience

Cell efficiency higher than 29% even after 5 years in LEO



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Integrated sun sensors and gyroscope option - backbone for ADCS

6u-x-y-cubesat-solar-panel-endurosat magnetorquer and remove before flight pin


Power efficiency at EOL: 29+%
Max Power: Up to 19.2 W in LEO
Internal By-pass diode: reverse bias protection
Solar cells thickness: 150 μm ± 20 μm
Sensors: Temperature and Sun, optional Gyroscope
MTQ: Integrated H-Bridge for control of external magnetorquer
RBF: Available with Remove Before Flight pin
Mass: 390 g
Customisation: Multiple panels can be connected in series or parallel
Max Voltage: 19.2V (8s2p), 9.6V (4s4p)
Max Current: 1А (8s2p), 2A (4s4p)
PCB Thickness 1.6 mm

Multiple series and parallel connection options, covering diverse power system requirements

6u-x-y-cubesat-solar-panel-endurosat parallel connection


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