Power in space

6U Solar Panel

Fully qualified Solar Panels

this cubesat module is featured in NASA state of the art report

Fully qualified Solar Panels

29.5%triple junction
solar cells
19.2 Win

Triple Junction Solar Cells for Space Applications with efficiency higher than 29.5%


High radiation resilience

Cell efficiency higher than 29% even after 5 years in LEO



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Integrated sun sensors and gyroscope option - backbone for ADCS

6u-x-y-cubesat-solar-panel-endurosat magnetorquer and remove before flight pin


Power efficiency at EOL: 29+%
Max Power: Up to 19.2 W in LEO
Internal By-pass diode: reverse bias protection
Solar cells thickness: 150 μm ± 20 μm
Sensors: Temperature and Sun, optional Gyroscope
MTQ: Integrated H-Bridge for control of external magnetorquer
RBF: Available with Remove Before Flight pin
Mass: 390 g
Customisation: Multiple panels can be connected in series or parallel
Max Voltage: 19.2V (8s2p), 9.6V (4s4p)
Max Current: 1А (8s2p), 2A (4s4p)
PCB Thickness 1.6 mm

Multiple series and parallel connection options, covering diverse power system requirements

6u-x-y-cubesat-solar-panel-endurosat parallel connection


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