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  • To make Space affordable through advanced cost-effective nano satellites

    Our clients deserve an outstanding quality product

  • Еnvisioned for both Earth orbit and Deep Space missions

    EnduroSat is multipurpose oriented

  • EnduroSat has the highest payload volume in its class

    New opportunities to our customers

  • Minimum delivery time + high performance and endurance

    Saving time and money

  • We design and engineer a completely new type of CubeSat platforms

    Not afraid to innovate

  • Highly flexible system, able to host a range of payloads for variety of missions

    Our plans are as ambitious as our technology is


The team of EnduroSat has designed, engineered and built a new type of CubeSat platform that gives our customers the usability and the automation of a high-performance system for a significantly lower price. Our products were created with the goal to accelerate space research and applications by enabling access to Low Earth Orbit and beyond to new and existing users.

EnduroSat designs, builds and space-qualifies the next-generation CubeSat platform for a range of missions from low Earth orbit to Solar System exploration.


Original solutions for CubeSat systems



We used our best know-how to engineer a highly-advanced CubeSat platform

build your cubesat satellite


Configure and purchase your personalized spacecraft

We exist to help build Human infrastructure in space. Our platforms and systems are designed and engineered to function in space for long time in a completely autonomous mode. EnduroSat’s mission is to provide simpler access to space for the next generation of business customers, scientists and technologists. Our team is working on a completely integrated space infrastructure for a diverse set of missions.

Space is closer than you think!


Every day we innovate further!


EnduroSat has officially opened the MOST USER-FRIENDLY STORE FOR CUBESATS. Now OUR CLIENTS can order satellites and satellite modules for less than 5 MINUTES. Furthermore, EnduroSat is building all modules in-house and OUR DELIVERY times are as short as 5 DAYS from the order acceptance. Starting MAY 2016, we are beginning to deliver products to our clients!

ECSS Qualification tests were successfully performed on our systems

For two weeks our team carried out a full campaign of ECSS-compliant space qualification tests. Environmental and mechanical tests were performed on the engineering qualification models of our CubeSat and on each of our subsystems.

Build your satellite!

Soon on our website our partners will be able to configure and customize their CubeSats with fully space qualified modules and subsystems.

Our team is busy working on а brand new CubeSat shop

Many exciting news are coming up
in the next few weeks

EnduroSat partnered successfully with Space Challenges Program

Part of our team worked with the space cadets from the program, helping them with advises on engineering, technology and entrepreneurship. We are proud to partner with Space Challenges – a leadership space science and educational program on CEE level

EnduroSat began the testing campaign of our systems

The testing campaign will include a range of activities, proving the resilience and the capabilities of EnduroSat systems. Full environmental and functional test is under way

EnduroSat team participated in the CubeSat Industry Day at European Space Agency ESTEC centrе.

Diverse set of CubeSat projects, concepts and technologies were presented. We are looking forward to the next meetings…

EnduroSat has developed successfully 11 new modules

For only a few months EnduroSat team managed to design and engineer 11 different CubeSat modules

EnduroSat opened for business in January 2015.

Our team is actively building the next-generation high-performance CubeSat platform along with complementary technologies with the idea to bring Earth closer to Space


What do we offer?


Designing and building cutting-edge Space technology is our main priority. We create stunning concepts and engineering solutions.


We engineer advanced communication systems for satellites and ground stations. Our solutions are robust and high-performance.


Nothing is more important for a Space mission than its goal. To achieve it, we design and engineer electronics that last longer in orbit.


Our team deals with analysis and design of diverse types of structures for aerospace utilization. We prepare for the unexpected.


We have experience in design and management of complex R&D projects. Our innovative methodology and risk management guarantee your project success.


Revolutionizing the microgravity research and creating opportunities for low-cost Space exploration missions are just two examples of our unique R&D experience.


Space is closer than you think!