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7th Jun 2021

The Balkans: major player in the Space sector?

The Balkans major player in the Space sector

Raycho Raychev, Founder & CEO of EnduroSat was a special guest at Space Café Balkan, key event of the swiss digital portal SpaceWatch.Global in association with Serbian Case for Space Foundation (SCS).
The topic of the discussion was the economic opportunities of the Space sector and how the Balkans can add value.

SpaceWatch.Global-Space Café Balkan

Recently, an increase of Space activities in the Balkan region is noticeable and even though there is no real coherence between Balkan countries, as they are in different stages of development regarding the private and Space state sector, the question raises: are the Balkans ready to be a major player in the Space sector?

Even with the skepticism around, the Balkans are great environment for creating Space technologies. EnduroSat has come a long way since our first office – 25sq meter attic in Sofia.
Today we employ 80+ people and we just recently opened business and development office in Italy.
The Balkans are full of incredibly talented engineers and I expect that a lot of new companies will emerge from the region.
I hope that people here understand, that here we have an incredible opportunity to create the fundamentals on which Space economy could thrive.
The Balkans have the capacity to create added value, services and technologies for the benefit of the region.

Raycho Raychev Founder & CEO