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13th Jun 2024

Raycho Raychev Awarded Man of the Year 2023

Raycho Raychev receives Man of the Year award

Raycho Raychev, the CEO and Founder of EnduroSat, has received the Man of the Year Bulgaria award.

Since 2010, Raychev has spearheaded space science and education in Bulgaria, starting with the Space Challenges Program. This leadership and entrepreneurship program has since become the leading space education initiative in Europe, propelling over 600 international alumni to successful space careers and world-class studies.

In 2015, Raychev founded EnduroSat in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company made space more accessible by lowering the cost of space missions, removing complexity from space operations and bringing fixed and transparent pricing to the space sector for the first time. EnduroSat has a close relationship with the European space ecosystem, taking part in the CC4CC consortium and joining the SPIDER and REACTS projects under the EU Defense fund.

In recent years, the Company has made strides to bringing the next generation of edge-computing and AI onboard its satellites. Notably, EnduroSat has been chosen to enter the Copernicus program, and become a Copernicus Contributing Mission with the upcoming launch of its Balkan-1 satellite.

‘’I am incredibly proud of my team for constantly pushing the limits of what’s possible and for always delivering, even when faced with extraordinary challenges.’’
Raycho Raychev
CEO and Founder, EnduroSat