CubeSat S-Band Transmitter


CubeSat S-Band Transmitter

  • Frequency range: 2200 – 2290 MHz;
  • Maximum Transmit Power: 2W;
  • Transmit data rate: 20 Mbps;
  • SFDR: > 60dBc;
  • Power Supply: 5V/12V;
  • Power Consumption during Tx: less than 9W;
  • Data Interface: LVDS, SPI, CAN, I2C;
  • DVB-S2/S2X, CCSDS compliant;

Included with S-Band Transmitter


Custom box

Engineering Support

5 hours

Tech and User information

USB Drive

Qualification tests – information coming soon

Space qualification tests are performed on the Qualification Engineering Model. Qualification tests level and duration follow the ESA standard ECSS-E-ST-10-03C and GEVS: GSFC-STD-7000A.

Functional Test
Random Vibration
Sinusoidal Vibration
Pyroshock Test

Thermal Cycling
Thermal Vacuum
Total Ionizing Dose – planned in the coming weeks

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