Performance and power

6U XL CubeSat Platform

High-performance platform, easily adaptable to handle complex
Earth Observation, IoT, science, and exploration missions

this cubesat module has flight heritage

High-performance platform, easily adaptable to handle complex
Earth Observation, IoT, science, and exploration missions

4.5Uavailable volume
4xgreater efficiency
SECURETMTC and payload data

Included Services


Develop, configure & test with ease



Simplifies software development, configuration and testing for ground-based software-defined satellites

  • Streamlined setup
  • Send instant telecommand via cable or radio
  • Integration with SpaceOps
  • All available telecommands just a click away
  • Import custom telecommand definitions
  • Fully customizable dashboards

In-orbit operations suite



Streamlined telecommanding and telemetry analysis

  • Accessible from everywhere via web application
  • API integration
  • Support for EnduroSat, Leaf Space, RBC Signals and KSAT ground stations
  • Automation of common operator actions
  • Operations scripting for complex procedures

EnduroSat’s redundant architecture supports multiple payloads giving you the freedom of flying several missions on a single bus


Robust data handling of up-to 10 payloads. Embedded operational modes framework at 4x better efficiency

Mission life: 3-5 years (orbit dependent)



science and research iconScience and Research
Earth Observation iconEarth Observation
IoT and communications iconIoT and Communications
In-orbit demonstration and verification iconIOD/IOV

Secure communication for telemetry, telecommands, and payload

UHF TMTC and high speed S-band & X-band communication



Bus mass 4.2-4.8 kg (configuration dependent)
Available payload mass 7.2-7.8 kg (configuration dependent)
Available Payload volume 97 x 197 x 223 mm3
Average Payload power available 10-30 W (configuration dependent)
Available power buses 3.3 V, 5 V, customizable 6-12 V and Battery raw
Telemetry data rate up to 125 kbps
Payload data rate up to 125 Mbps
Payload Control Interfaces RS-422/485, CAN, SPI, UART

Available with multiple three-axis reaction wheels attitude control systems based on pointing and stability requirements



user manual book icon Integration manual
Software Development Kit icon Software Development Kit (SDK)
included cables icon Complete set of bus cables
included custom cables icon JTAG and debugging cables
customer support icon 10h engineering support
delivery cost icon Delivery cost
handling and administration costs icon Handling and administration costs
design review and consulting icon Design review and consulting